Wearing our school uniform sends a message that the children are proud to be members of our school. It helps to create a sense of belonging, pride and as such we set high expectations. We believe that it also sets an appropriate, positive tone for education, nurtures cohesion between different year groups, protects children from social pressures to dress a certain way and takes into account health and safety issues.

We understand that school uniforms are expensive and as such do not require all uniform items to have the school logo on, but we also do not want alternatives to have other logos or patterns. Plain t-shirts, hoodies and shorts are expected if school branded uniform is not worn.

If a child comes into school in clothes that do not meet the expectations we will ask them to wear the spare uniform that we hold in school and parents will be contacted

Please ensure that each item of clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Day-to-Day Wear

  • Mid grey trousers, skirts or pinafore dresses (not black)
  • White polo shirt
  • Red sweatshirt / Cardigan
  • White socks or grey tights 
  • Black sensible shoes (no trainers or large heels)

Summer Term Wear

  • Red and white gingham summer dress
  • Grey short trousers
  • White polo shirt


  • Red Bradshaw t-shirt, hoodie and black shorts/joggers should be worn.  Plain t-shirts, hoodies and shorts/joggers are expected to be worn if they do not have the school logo on them. No other branded sportswear is permitted.
  • When indoors children are encouraged to work in bare feet but black elastic pumps may be worn.  
  • For outdoors trainers are recommended.
  • We have a games tracksuit available, but this is an optional purchase. 

Formal Occasions

  • For public performances and photographs a white shirt/polo shirt and school tie should be worn. 


  • In the interests of safety, jewellery of any kind (excluding watches) should not be worn for school. Simple stud earrings only. Smart watches are not allowed in school.
  • If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, please do this at the beginning of the summer holidays so they can be removed by the time the children return to school.
  • Earrings should be removed for PE lessons either before the children come to school or by the children at school. If the earrings can not be removed then the child comes to school on their specific PE days with sufficient tape over the earrings to prevent injury to themselves or others during the lesson. Staff WILL NOT do this in school time and staff will NOT remove the tape after the lesson. It MUST be done at home before and after school. Children without earrings removed or tape will not be allowed to join in with PE lessons due to health and safety reasons.

Bows, ribbons and headbands

  • These must be simple, small and school uniform colours. Anything other than this and your child will be asked to remove them and store them safely in their bag.

Make-up, nail varnish and haircuts

  • Children should not wear any make-up, fake tan, acrylic nails, or nail varnish. They should not use hair dye or have any designs shaved into their hair.  

Uniform Suppliers


Warrington Schoolwear

Bubble Customised Clothing

Pre-loved Uniform 

Warrington School Uniform Network 

50 -54 Buttermarket Street



Palatine Industrial Estate, Causeway Avenue, Warrington, WA4


We have many items of free, preloved, uniform items  available in school, for free. 

Please ask at the office for any items you require.


Warrington food bank also have donations of uniform in their school shop in Golden Square, Warrington Town Centre. More information about the food bank and the work that they do can be found on their website.
Telephone Number

01925 576868

01925 412 822

01925 262 906

07583 080521



Please see the school office Warrington School Uniform Network - Golden Square Warrington (gswarrington.com)


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