Bradshaw Primary School officially joined Omega Multi-Academy Trust on the 1st of April, 2024 and we eagerly await  the return of the children after the holiday break, to celebrate the transition.

Headteacher Mr Short said, "We are thrilled to announce that Bradshaw Primary School has become a proud member of the Omega Multi-Academy Trust. This partnership opens up a world of opportunities for all our children and staff, enabling us to provide an even better learning environment and resources."

Over the holiday period a skilled teams have been diligently working behind the scenes completing a plethora of improvements to  improve and upgrade areas across the  school premises to enhance the overall experience for all.

Examples of improvements include:

  • New internet service, substantially improving the performance of the school's internet access.

  • New cloud based telephone system.

  • Replaced old onsite server with a new server running a supported operating system.

  • Installation of new smart screens to classrooms, where these need replacement.

  • Commissioned and fitted new digital sign in system for the school for staff & visitors.

  • Installed new 85" touchscreen in the hall for assembly/meeting use.

  • Repairs to the conservatory roof in Early Years, protecting this area from water ingress.

  • Replacement of the fence around Early Years, replacing the old picket fence that was beyond repair.

  • Removal of old timber benches, replacing these with brand new picnic benches for the children to access during their playtimes and outdoor provision.

  • Reconfiguration of the doors and windows to the hall, replacing old glazing with fire-rated safety glass.

  • Repairs to the driveway, and some much-needed refreshment of the gates and barriers around the entrance to the school.

  • A new perimeter fence to the school field and replacement gate to side entrance, enhancing the safety and security of the school site.

  • Removal of the old water tower and relocation of the bike shed, to enable the creation of additional parking spaces for visitors to the school.

Omega Multi-Academy Trust is dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment for all children  students, and these improvements signify their  commitment towards that goal.  In the coming years, substantial investments are earmarked for the school and resources, with comprehensive plans already in motion.

Both the students and colleagues of Omega MAT and Bradshaw Primary are looking forward to celebrating the transition on the 15th of April.